Wake up, America

The Constitutional Citizen’s intent is to arm Americans with knowledge, of our rights as American citizens, our responsibilities and duties to ourselves, our fellow citizens, and to our great country, the United States of America.  You can see videos, find pertinent links, and even purchase your own physical books and other materials to add to or start your library, read, and share with others all from this website.  We encourage you to do so.  We  hope you find it helpful and useful, and worthy of sharing with others.
America’s schools are deleting and changing our history.  Shortly after the coronavirus pandemic began, schools and libraries discarded history books from their classrooms and book shelves by the dumpsters full  (I heard this straight from a school custodian)!  Under the guise of the inability to sterilize them from a corona virus.   However, my question is why were fictional books not treated in the same manner?  Cursive writing is no longer taught, used, or even permitted in some cases in our school system anymore.  Seems to be intentional, because the founding documents of this country are written in, you guessed it, cursive.  If the next generations are not able to read or write cursive, they will be forced to rely on whatever is printed  as “history”, without the ability to challenge indoctrination by the system. 
We are under attack, from within.  The enemy is inside the gate, and they mean war and harm upon us.  We MUST stand and fight back!  We MUST defend our families, our home, our state, OUR COUNTRY! 
Now is not the time to think all that is going on doesn’t effect you.  It does, and/or will, much more than you realize or can see, if your head’s in the sand.  Mainstream media is definitely not the place to get factual true news.  Most media and big tech corporations follow and are involved in the same agendas.  They lie to the public, and spread the propaganda they’re being paid to spoon feed to the public.   Money, greed, and power.  That, is what it’s all about for the puppeteers who pull the strings, behind the proverbial curtain.   There’s so much more to this whole story, so please, research outside of the lies and propaganda of mainstream media “fake news”.
It is a fierce power of evil we’re facing today, more than ever in our lifetimes.  It is most definitely an outright fight of good verses evil.  We the People, America’s Patriots, are the good guys … and the good guys win in the end.
God bless you, and God Bless America!

Marvin Smith – The Constitutional Citizen