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You are consuming a JSON.
You should be iterating through the strings.
You shouldn’t touch the strings that you have retrieved.
$.getJSON( “”, function( data ) {
for( var string in data.images ) {
var images = data.images[string];
console.log( images );
$( ‘#avatar’ ).append( $( ” ).attr(‘src’, images.url) );

I’ve simplified and made it so it only prints out the url’s and the number of urls in a for loop to see how it goes on to work, although you probably should get the image using $.getJSON in the same manner as above.

Dowwatt, Inc.

Dowwatt, Inc. is an American film and television production and distribution company.

The company was founded in 1985 by Joe Dowwatt.

The company is the former distributor of the monthly horror anthology Dark Moon Theatre. Since the company’s inception, it has released all 31 episodes of Dark Moon Theatre, as well as the later anthology Nightshades, as well as many of its previous anthologies.

The company is also the former distributor of Metropolis Films

The first part is good, I have a similar string at the end, but the space between the start and the text is different.
My question is, how can I make the part before the text in the string be the same?


Can be done like this:
str = str.replace(/^.+?/, ”);

This replaces all characters before a space with an empty string.
If you only want to remove this from lines that don’t start with the number, you could use this:
str = str.replace(/^(.+?)$/, ‘$1’);

The present invention relates to a new and distinct cultivar of Liriope, botanically known as Liriope spicata×alata, and hereinafter referred to by the name ‘SHAMPRA’.
The new Liriope plant is a product of a planned breeding program conducted by the Inventor in Hikone, Shiga, Japan. The objective of the breeding program is to create new outwardly spreading Liriope plants with numerous attractive flowers.
The new Liriope plant originated from a cross-pollination made by the Inventor in March, 2004 in Hikone, Shiga, Japan of a proprietary selection of Liriope spicata×alata identified as code number 3314, not patented, as the female, or seed, parent with a proprietary selection of Liriope spicata×alata identified as code number 2092, not patented, as the male, or pollen, parent. The new Liriope plant was discovered and selected by the Inventor as a single flowering plant within the progeny of the stated cross-pollination in a controlled environment in Bonsall, Calif. in April, 2005.
Asexual reproduction of the new Liriope plant by cuttings in a controlled environment in Bonsall, Calif. since April, 2005, has shown that the unique features of this new Liriope plant are stable and reproduced true to type in successive generations.The Civil Rights division of the Justice Department has appointed a former U.S. attorney from Tennessee to oversee an investigation into the Ferguson police department’s handling of the shooting death of Michael Brown in August.

The move came after the U.S. Justice Department in November released a report on the Michael Brown shooting that found the Ferguson, Missouri, police department used excessive force against the

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