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Toni Auto Chestionare Categoria B HOT! Download

Toni Auto Chestionare Categoria B HOT! Download


Toni Auto Chestionare Categoria B Download

Pentru o versiune noua a App Store (iOS) vand bine descarcate si daca ii intrebati cum s-a. Înregistrarea, către chestionarul automat, a unui număr fix de carnete de carduri sau bilete valide.Less than two months after a peace deal ending 19 years of warfare in the Western Sahara, the United Nations has condemned Morocco for reneging on its commitments in the complex negotiations.

The Islamic-Moroccan kingdom has failed to honour an agreement to withdraw Moroccan troops from the disputed territory, where hundreds of thousands of people have fled to neighbouring Algeria and Mauritania in the face of conflict, according to a U.N. report issued on Saturday.

The report said that the rapid evacuation of a refugee camp in Le Guet, a town in southern Morocco, on March 20th “represents a clear breach of commitments to maintain a strong presence in the area.”

Analysts called on Western Sahara’s indigenous Sahrawi population to make up for the Moroccan absence.

“The current situation makes a commitment impossible,” said Hassani Ould Mohamed who has lived in the Western Sahara since the 1970s. He said that people are “sick and tired” of international inaction.

“There is no sign of the international community to give a serious response,” he said, asking why the U.N. remained silent when Morocco had not fulfilled its promises.

“Morocco is responsible for the situation in the region, and we hope that the international community will force them to come back and that the two sides will sit at the negotiating table.”

Al Jazeera English’s James Bays said that despite the Moroccan government’s insistence that it is still committed to the peace process, the country’s U.N. ambassador was “defensive.”

“He tells you, ‘Look, if you want to be part of this peace process you are going to have to accept some facts,'” Bays said. “His government is not going to comply with the U.N.’s findings.”

The conflict between Moroccan settlers and the local Sahrawi population ended in the 1970s, and the U.N. arranged for a referendum on self-determination in 1999.

The result saw over 95 percent of those participating vote for independence. Morocco has rejected the result, and its troops have remained

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