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Software Firstcom Fc-01gl |VERIFIED|

Software Firstcom Fc-01gl |VERIFIED|

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Software Firstcom Fc-01gl

The following numbers indicate the version: 01 – 0.1, 10 – 1.0, etc. This refers to the FlexSEA-Rigid PCB version. Unless Dephy recommends otherwise, only flash . 01, etc. Otherwise, flash the version that is higher in the list. When flashing .01 or .02, Dephy recommends turning off the power to the FlexSEA-Rigid PCB adapter. This can be done by unplugging the power cord and then simply putting the adapter out of the USB connection and into stand-by mode. After that, you can connect the power cord to the adapter and turn it on. When you connect the power cord to the adapter, a power indicator will appear on the front of the FlexSEA-Rigid PCB. If you are flashing a version before .

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Linq2SQL where does CompiledQuery go?

If I do the following, it will not compile, but I have no idea where the compile error occurs.

Class.OrderByDate = OrderByDate.Desc
Class.Where(p => p.OrderByDate >= lastDate)

That one will compile, and I have no idea where the compiled query goes. I think I’d like to know that.
I’ve verified the query returned by the compiled query has the exact same result set as if I just wrote the Linq query.


Sorry to say, but I don’t think you want to know where the compiled query goes.
First of all, the class OrderByDate in your example is not the same as in your example. For example, this query:
Class.OrderByDate = OrderByDate.Desc

Is equivalent to the following query:
Class.OrderByDate = new OrderByDate().Desc

The problem is that the property OrderByDate is evaluated at compile time, whereas the property OrderByDate.Desc is evaluated at run time.
So, in the first instance, the compiler will treat Class.OrderByDate as a constant, and so it has no problem compiling the first statement. However, you end up with a runtime error because of the following (erroneous) premise:
Class.Where(p => p.OrderByDate >= lastDate)

That’s because, at runtime, the property OrderByDate is not the same as the property OrderByDate.Desc. The latter is deferred until run time.
Hence, you could rewrite the code as follows, which would compile:

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