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New Light English Grammar Book Pdf 11

New Light English Grammar Book Pdf 11

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New Light English Grammar Book Pdf 11

61. for christians, faith consists in knowing that god is with us. it is not a denial of that which surrounds us, but an affirmation of his presence in the gift of his love. faith awakens our awareness of the immanent god, our father, who is already at work in us, in our hearts and in the world. as it opens us to the meaning of life, faith makes us capable of living our lives in the spirit of god the father. it is for this reason that the coming of christ transformed the nature of the church, so that she was no longer a purely human group but became a community of the holy spirit with jesus and with the father. it is in the light of the light of faith that we can see the face of god: for god is light, and he that lives in him does not walk in darkness (cf. jn 1:5). all of us, then, are called to be saints, to embrace the fullness of the truth and the majesty of the love of god and to share in the life of that truth and love. the catholic church herself proclaims and lives out this message of the gospel: with the lord three days i purposed to purify myself of all my sins, and then, with the purification of my body, to celebrate the passover with you. where the supper is, there will i give thanks with you before the lord my god. if my conscience has the right to accuse me of anything, i am guilty of being a christian (cf. lk 22:34).

26. the greatest miracle of the christian faith is that it is the path of conversion. god is light, and in him all people can see the light of truth, for it is in him that all truth is found. in the light of truth, the human person comes to recognize her fundamental dignity and receives the gift of life. in the light of the love of god, the human person receives the gift of love. the light of truth calls for the commitment of faith, for love involves the sacrifice of self. just as the light of faith in the face of the light of truth does not deny the light but rather leads us to new heights of life, so the light of love in the face of the light of truth does not deny truth but rather illumines it with new and deeper meaning. the light of love with the light of truth, then, is the way to the fullness of life.

2. the god of abraham is god in the full. christs death is the be-ginning of the fullness of christs love for us. it is only in death, and only in the light of faith, that the depth of love shines forth. it is only in death and light that we are able to trust, as if our life were spread out before us on a gleaming, on a shining shore of faith. in this light we are able to recognize the fullness of god in all things, to see the fullness of gods love for us, which encompasses all the universe, all death, all dying. in this light one can feel the hand, the heart, the voice of god, speak and live. 53. we see in mary the great gift of the grace of god, who has clothed herself in the flesh for us. and the encounter of faith with the life of mary has shown us that the root of our faith is the mystery of the incarnation: god became man. in the incarnation, god reveals himself as the source of love, to us and to the whole of humanity. by god becoming man, he has called us to love. in the light of this revelation, we come to understand the full meaning of what it means to love. each of us is called to love in order to remain in the light, in the reality of love, because love is the truth of god. the christian message is thus addressed to each of us and to each of our loves, and it is not an abstract and distant message. the love of god for humanity, and the love of each of us for god, are but a single truth, and the holy trinity proclaims the truth of gods love. 38. in the light of faith, it is possible to see the truth of things differently. through faith, truth has the power to illuminate our steps, to make our lives more human, to purify our thoughts, to heal our hearts, and to make us capable of action. the apostle paul refers to the light that enlightens in his epistles. he writes: for it is the god who commanded light to shine out of darkness who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of god in the face of jesus christ (2 cor 4:6). as the light of faith, the light of the knowledge of the glory of god, shines in the hearts of believers, it illumines our steps, our thoughts, our hearts, and our actions. on the path of life, the light of faith is an invitation to live the truth of god, to let it transform our thoughts, our words and our actions. for the true light of faith shines in our hearts, where we receive the gift of god, the light of the knowledge of the glory of god. this light enables us to understand, to love and to be capable of being true to the truth. 5ec8ef588b

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